Bed & Chair Protection

Bed & Chair Protection

There are various options of bed & chair protectors for those accidents that may occur.


Waterproof Bedding – Beds are the most difficult to protect and also to prevent from bad odours. A waterprrof fitted sheet (single or double) can be used underneath your normal bed sheet to provide protection and prevent any liquid penetrating the mattress.They can usually be washed in the washing machine on a 40 degree temperature and can be wiped down with antibacterial wipes in between.

Waterproof mattress protectors are not absorbant therefore should be used with absorbent pads which will hold the liquid. The mattress protectors are there really to stop any liquid reaching the mattress. You can also get waterproof pillow cases and duvet protectors.


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Washable Bed & Chair Protectors – A re-useable bed or chair pad is a good way to protect a bed or chair from soiling and to keep the user comfortable. They are washable and can be washed in a washing machine. They come in different sizes and can be used on a bed, chair, didning chair, wheelchair or a settee. They can be left placed ona chair and not look out of place. There are different colours and patterns available. Some of them come with side wings, this is to keep the pad in place on a bed or chair (they tuck underneath the mattress or chair sides).


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Disposable Bed & Chair Pads – These are made from the same materials as the bed and chair pads. The waterproof backing is topped with an absorbent pulp layer with a stay dry outer layer. These pads should be thrown away once soiled. These pads have a tendancey to move if used on a bed so it’s a good idea to have a mattress protector in place also, to prevent the mattress form being soiled.


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