Incontinence Pants

Incontinence Pants

Pants with built in pads – These pants are designed for light to low incontinenceand have a small pad sewn into the crotch. The waterproof outer layer prevents any show through onto your clothes. The absorbancy levels will vary by garment but they usually absorb upto 200ml. They are ideal for low /mild incontinence and give you protection and confidence throughout the day. 

Once used/soiled, simply put the pants (including the built in pad) into the washing machine (following the washing instructions) and you can use the pants again. The pads will gradually loose their absorbancy but they should last 200 washes. A idea would be to have pairs – one to wear , one for tommorow and one in the wash.



Pouch Pants – The pants are designed for low to moderate incontinence. The advantage of the pouch pants are that you can change the pad during the day without having to change the pants.They have a built in pouch where the pad can be held in place. The pouch will normally have a waterproof outer layer to prevent any soiling of clothes. In most underwear, the pouch is on the insdide, however some pants the pouch is accessed from the outside.

Pouch pants are washable like normal underwear. Again, it’s a good idea to have several pairs so that you always have a pair to available for each day.



Stretch Pants- These are a mesh support pant similar to the top part of a pair of tights. They are a very close fitting, so as to hold the pad in place.They are reusable and easy to wash, these pants are ideally suited to be worn with larger incontinence pads.



Waterproof Pants – For extra security, you can use waterproof pants to go over your regular underwear when using incontinence pads. They have elasticated leg openings and waist to make sure no leaks occur.