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 We are your LOCAL Motability Scooter and Powerchair dealer.


At True Mobility, you can turn your Disability Living Allowance (DLA) into a mobility solution through Motability .

With an extensive range of scooters and powered wheelchairs available to suit all needs, being stuck indoors could be a thing of the past.

Your route to Motability is as simple as calling 01235 519777.


three steps to Motability at True Mobility. Pick your scooter. Complete the forms. Take delivery.


Remember – we do everything for you. From helping to complete the forms to delivering and maintaining your scooter or powerchair. It’s easy at True Mobility.

We are an accredited dealer for Motability in Oxford, Witney, Wantage, Wallingford, Banbury, Watlington, Didcot, Grove, Faringdon, Carterton, Newbury, Thatcham, Reading, Goring, Streatley, Henley, Twyford, Abingdon, Wheatley, Swindon and all areas in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

One more thing…. True Mobility is an independent company supplying scooters from a wide variety of manufacturers. We can offer you a genuine choice of motability products, not restricted by a single range or make. This means you are more likely to get the right product to suit your needs……………FIRST TIME.


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Who Can Apply?

To use any of the Motability schemes you must be receiving one of the following benefits:

  • Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance
  • Enhanced rate of P.I.P.
  • War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement.
  • You can apply for Motability as long as you have at least 12 months award length remaining when you apply.

The Motability scooter and wheelchair scheme is available from True Mobility Didcot oxfordshire

Choosing Your Product

The Motability Scheme offers an extensive range of scooters and powered wheelchairs for all needs. Choosing the product that best suits you can be daunting but we can help you every step of the way.

The first thing to consider is whether a scooter or powered wheelchair is the right option for your mobility needs. The information below will give you a good guide and our accredited dealer specialists will be able to advise you further as part of an overall motability assessment .

A Motability Scooter may be suitable for you if:

  • You have reasonable sitting balance
  • You can transfer from a sitting to standing position independently
  • You can drive the scooter independent of any help
  • You possess sufficient shoulder and arm strength and movement to operate a handle bar style control
  • You possess sufficient vision, perception and hearing to operate the scooter safely.

A Motability Powered Wheelchair may be suitable for you if:

  • You need to be hoisted into your product
  • You may damage your shoulders and arms by using a handle bar style control unit
  • Or you require any of the following:
    Dual controls (where someone else is required to help control your powered wheelchair) 
    Any form of leg rest or support
    Joystick style controls.

Assessing Your Needs

The first step to understanding your mobility requirement is to discuss your needs. If you are interested in joining the Motability Scheme or simply want to know more about the products we offer, you can contact us at the store on Tel. 01235 519777 or we can arrange a no obligation home visit.

Visit us or request a home visit?

For those who can arrange it there are several advantages to visiting us at the store. The most important advantage is the range of scooters and powerchairs available to choose from. It would be extremely difficult for any Motability accredited dealer to bring a full range of scooters and power chairs to your home. However, in the store we always keep a good selection of scooters of all sizes from leading manufacturers. You are able to try out the scooters in the store and in the safety of the pedestrian marketplace outside.

If you prefer a home demonstration:

  • We can arrange for a named Motability specialist to visit your home at a convenient time for you.
  • The specialist will explain the Motability Scheme to you in detail.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask all the questions you need to about the Scheme and the products that are available.
  • The specialist will ask you some questions to help understand which scooter or powered wheelchair will best suit your needs.
  • You will have the opportunity to test a range of products which the specialist will bring with them to the assessment.
  • The specialist will then be able to advise you on the best solution for your needs.
  • The specialist will complete an assessment form for you to check and sign.
  • If you then decide that you would like to order a scooter or powered wheelchair on the Motability scheme, the specialist will explain the process and help you complete an application form.

Suiting your product to your lifestyle

To help us understand which scooter or powered wheelchair will be best meet your needs, the specialist may ask you some questions such as:

  • How far, and where do you most typically travel to and from?
  • Will you need to use the scooter or powered wheelchair on the road?
  • Do you need to use the scooter or powered wheelchair indoors, outdoors or possibly both?
  • Do you have a safe and secure place to store your scooter or powered wheelchair when it is not in use?
  • Will you need to put your scooter or powered wheelchair in and out of a car?

Your answers to these questions will enable the specialist to advise you on the best solution to meet your needs.

The Scheme

The Motability Powered Wheelchair and Scooter Scheme is a Contact Hire arrangement, which provides worry free motoring for the full term of your policy.

Contract Hire Plan – for total peace of mind

With the convenience of a single monthly payment, no advance payment required, and including breakdown cover, insurance, warranty, tyres and batteries, the Contract Hire Plan really is a worry-free solution.


  • The period of hire is 3 years.
  • A single monthly payment that includes all essential requirements (i.e. maintenance, insurance and breakdown).
  • Maintenance – you will receive full maintenance cover for consumables such as tyre and battery replacements.
  • Insurance – this plan includes comprehensive insurance cover and you do not pay an excess in the event of vehicle theft, accidental damage or a third party claim.
  • Breakdown – you will also receive breakdown cover with the hire plan.
  • The wheelchair or scooter is returned at the end of the agreed period with no further costs incurred.
  • Accessories are not currently included in the monthly payment.


  • All inclusive worry-free package
  • Total peace of mind
  • No maintenance worries
  • Independence.

Insurance Plan

The Motability Insurance Plan is included in the scheme and there is no excess payment for valid claims.

Warranty and Maintenance


Under our Motability contract hire scheme, warranty coverage for the full term of the lease is included in the price of the three-year agreement.


Motability Contract Hire Plan automatically comes with three years worth of maintenance, the cost of which is included in your monthly payments.

New Found Freedom

By choosing to lease your scooter or powered wheelchair through Motability, you will join over half a million satisfied customers who are already enjoying one of our worry-free packages. So whether it is for a trip to the shops, to use around your home or to visit friends and family, Motability can make it easier.