Our Brands

Cosyfeet Extra Roomy footwear is designed to be the most comfortable wide footwear available for anyone with swollen or extra wide feet. You can choose from footwear made from stretchable fabrics suitable for feet that swell during the course of the day, comfortable shoes made from natural and breathable fabrics as well as those made with minimal seaming, made to be gentler on tender feet. You can shop for extra wide and roomy Cosyfeet footwear here.

DB Shoes It is extremely difficult for people who require extra wide fitting shoes to get the style and comfort they are looking for in a shoe that is wide enough for their needs. At DB Shoes we recognise that feet come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our designers have not only made stylish extra wide fitting shoes for ladies and men, but have paid great attention to your foot health so that you get the best of both worlds – style, fit and comfort!!!

Why not buy your shoes online? Join thousands of others – trusting to our excellent service and money back guarantee. 2E to 6E fitting in ladies footwear. DB easy b shoes are a wider width than most shoes in the tread area; where it is needed most; allowing room for your feet to spread naturally.Certain styles have extra deep toe boxes to accommodate feet that require an even roomier toe area. We manufacture these deeper toe box styles in such a way as to give the foot the space required but still look stylish! Our wide width ladies shoes come in 3 width fittings – 3, Extra wide fitting (EE), Extra wide, Extra deep fitting (4E), and EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA wide and deep fitting (EEEEEE)

Sandpiper Shoes A carefully designed range of comfort shoes, slippers and sandals for problem feet. Take a look at the range of shoes, boots, slippers and sandals to find a unique range of the most comfortable, best fitting shoes for your feet. While shoes for swollen or sensitive feet need that bit of extra room, it is equally important that they should look neat. The designers for Sandpiper have gone to great lengths to keep the appearance looking smart, even for the widest, most difficult feet.