Bathing Buying Guide

Bathing Guide

Bathing Buying Guide

If you are struggling to get in or out of the bath then this buying guide will give information on the various products and bathing aids that are available and hopefully the most suitable. Sometimes it’s a combination of products that are most suitable. We hope you find this guide helpful.


Bath Boards These sit across the bath on the rims and secure in place by adjustable brackets. On the surface of the bath board it is slatted, this helps with the water being able to drain away. To sit on the bath board safely, you should sit on the edge of the bath board on the edge of the bath, and then slide or wiggle your bottom along to the centre of the bath board. Now, you should be able to transfer your feet and legs easily and safely over the side of the bath and into the bath.  Sitting securely on the bath seat, you can wash or even use a hand held shower to wash.

Bath boards come in different width sizes, so it is important to measure the correct width of the bath to obtain the correct bath board size. The correct width size is when there is no over hang of the bath board from the rim edge to prevent the board tipping over when weight is placed on the over hanging section. If the board is too short, then you won’t get the full support of the bath frame underneath the board. 

The bath board is normally fitted to the bath with adjustable fixing brackets underneath the board.These should be checked and fixed tightly so the bath board doesn’t move. Usually these fixings come with slip-resistant rubber covers to prevent from marking the bath. When a bath board is used, alot of the time users also site a grab bar or rail close by to aid the transfer on and off the bath board. It is also recommended that a non-slip bath mat be placed in the bath also to prevent any slipping.   

    Savanagh slatted bath board at true mobility didcot oxfordshire   Savanagh slatted bath board at true mobility didcot oxfordshire   Adjustable Brackets on a bath board at true mobility didcot oxfordshire    bath board handle and slatted bath board at true mobility didcot oxfordshire



Bath SeatsBath seats are a common bathing aid and can also be used with bath boards. Bath seats can be used to help gettting down into the bath. It can then be removed out of the way until needed for getting out of the bath again. Most of the time, users stay on the bath seat whilst bathing. There are many types of bath seat and they come in different height options. Most bath seats will come with rubber suckers under the the feet for added saftey and keeping the bath seat in place.    

        suspended bath seat and bath seats at true mobility didcot oxfordshire   savanagh slatted bath board and bath seat combination at true mobility didcot oxfordshire



Bath Lifts –  If you really find it difficult to bend the knees getting in or out of a bath, then a motorised bath lifte maybe the safest and best solution and help maintain the option of the user still being able to have a bath.  A bathlift is designed to lower you from the rim edge of the bath down to the base of the bath and back up again after.  Most bathlifts are operated by a handset with a rechargeable battery. The handset can be operated up or down by either the user or a carer.

All battery operated bathlifts are safe to use around water. The handset is a sealed unit and the electricity used is a low volatge DC electricity.  The battery will need to be recharged after each use. This is done by detaching the handset and recharging it from the mains outside of the bathroom.  Different bath lifts have different battery life cycles. Usually you can get around 10 bath lifts/ 10 uses of the bath lift before the battery runs out. Usually a red light will illuminate to indicate when a battery is running low.  All batteries will need at least 8 hours to recharge and in time will need replacing.

Most bathlifts are programmed to stop if there’s not enought battery to lower you down into the bath. So you needn’t worry about not having enough battery and getting stuck down in the bottom of the bath.  One added benefit to the battery operated bathlifts, is that they can be easily transferred out of the bath to enable other users use of the bath. It can also be transported/travelled with if needed on a visit elsewhere or on a holiday etc….



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