Customer Services and Information

Shipping & Delivery

FREE Delivery In Oxfordshire on the following Products:

Mobility Scooters 
Rise & Recline Chairs 
Electric beds 
Bath Lifts

What is included in our home delivery service:

• Pre-delivery inspection of item 
• All packaging removed 
• Product installed at the place of use 
• User manual (if appropriate) stating serial number and warranty details of the product 
• Product demonstration 
• Delivery to suit your customers schedule as closely as possible. 
• Personal contact with delivery personnel to accomodate special delivery instructions 
• Alerts if unavoidable delays to delivery 
• Delivery personnel will always help to demonstrate use of product before leaving the product with the customer 
• Aftercare support/helpline for further assisstance

NB. Products that need any form of permanent fixing to the floor, wall or ceiling will not be installed or demonstrated by delivery personnel!

For further information on our delivery service, please telephone on Tel. 01235 519777

Privacy & Security

Our privacy policy sets out how True Mobility uses and protects any information that you give True Mobility when you use this website.

True Mobility is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

True Mobility may change this policy from time to time by updating our Privacy Policy page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes.

Returns & Refunds

1. Please ensure that the item is in its original packaging.
2. In addition, send a copy of your invoice stating the reason of your return.
3. Please send the package, securely wrapped and prepaid to the address below.
4. To prevent any confusion, we do not ship out any replacements until the goods have been received back to our warehouse for returns-processing. However if faulty goods have been received and replacements are urgent then we may arrange to ship out a replacement product (if in stock). Please note for such scenarios the customer will be required to pay the full amount for the replacement goods whilst the faulty product is on its way to us, and upon receipt of the faulty product a full refund will be passed for the new amount paid.
5. Your request is sent to our Returns Team who will then reply by e-mail and inform you of the outcome.

Refunds Procedure:

Once you have notified us that you are cancelling/returning your item, we will refund or re-credit you within 30 days for any sum that has been paid by you or debited from your credit card for the goods LESS postage charges. If you do not return the goods as required, we may charge you a sum not exceeding the direct costs of recovering the goods.

TrueMobility Ltd Unit 2 Market Place Didcot Oxon OX11 7LE Tel. 01235 519777

NHS & Professional Orders

If you are a NHS establishment, GP Surgery, Private Hospital Group or other, then why not consider True Mobility Ltd for the purchase of all your mobility products. We are happy to deal with all orders on receipt of an official purchase order.

We can accept orders via:

Email : sales Fax. Orders: Tel. 01235 810454 Via Post: True Mobility Ltd Market Place Unit 2 Market Place Didcot Oxon OX11 7LE

If you order by email or fax you will receive an order acknowledgement. When placing orders via the telephone or post, your order will managed by one of our dedicated members of staff whom will manage the continuity of your order.

Troubleshooting for Scooter Users

We have all experienced it before. The computer won’t turn on, or the washing machine is stuck on the spin setting. Like any electrical product, your scooter or powered wheelchair might occasionally act in a strange way. Fortunately, more often than not the explanation for the problem lies in something simple and the issue is very easy to resolve. Below we’ve listed five common queries we get from our customers and we have given you our top tips for solving them.

“A light on my product continues to flash and it won’t turn on now – is it broken?”
In many cases our customers have experienced the above when they have left the “free-wheel” lever on. This is a lever that is usually on a scooter or a powerchair enabling a person to physically push the product. If the “free-wheel” lever is left on, then this can cause a beeping noise, a flashing light and the product will not operate. If the product is switched “off” and the lever is placed back into “drive” mode, then once the product is switched “on” again, it should operate in the normal way. To help you identify any problems with your scooter or powered wheelchair, most models have their own system of diagnostic fault codes. This is where, if there is an issue with your product, you’ll see a light flash or hear a beeping noise. Inside your product manual you’ll find all the information you need about these fault codes, including details on what each one means and, most importantly, how to fix the issue. If you can’t find your product manual, or can’t remember having received one, ask your dealer for a copy.

“My scooter/powered wheelchair won’t turn on – what should I do?”
In most cases this is because the battery isn’t charged, or hasn’t been charged fully. The best thing to do is to make sure that the charging unit is properly connected and charge the battery until it shows as full – this should get your product to start. Make sure you disconnect/unplug your charger from your product before you turn the scooter on.To avoid running out of battery half way through a journey, check before you leave that you’ve got enough battery range to get you to and from your destination.

“My scooter/powered wheelchair is really slow. I keep accelerating, but it won’t go any faster – what does this mean?”
Again, this can mean that your battery needs to be charged. It’s important to remember that when you’re going up hills or carrying lots of shopping, you will naturally travel slower, as the battery is working harder.

“Sometimes when I set off on my scooter it suddenly goes really fast and pulls away quickly – how can I stop this?”
On most products, you can select the speed of your product on the gauge showing a tortoise and a hare. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of selecting the lowest speed when you stop so that when you start traveling again, you’ll pull away nice and safely and won’t be surprised by any sudden bursts of power. To avoid unexpected acceleration or jolts, make sure you keep your handlebars free of any items that might accidentally operate them. For example, don’t hang shopping bags from the handlebars as these could knock and press the controls, resulting in a sudden and unexpected change in speed.

“I’ve heard that using your scooter or powered wheelchair in the rain can break it. Is this really true?”
Like anything electrical, if a significant amount of water gets into the circuits, it can cause damage and require repair. The best advice is to ensure that you store your product in a safe and dry place overnight and avoid travelling in particularly heavy spells of rain. Avoid driving through large puddles of water. If you find yourself outside when it starts to rain, try covering the control panel with a plastic bag to avoid water getting in.

If you can’t find the answer to your product query above, or are still experiencing trouble with your scooter or powered wheelchair, why not give us a call and one our friendly team will try to help you. Tel. 01235 519777