Rise & Recline Chairs

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Rise and recline action

Our chairs will raise the feet, recline and lift to assist with standing if required


Some of our Rise and Recline Chairs can be “made to measure” ensuring you get the correct size of chair.
Our range of chairs have a huge selection of fabric choices on offer with easy to operate handsets.
At True Mobility we offer expert advice and guidance on choosing the correct chair and as none of our staff are paid commission, you get the most suitable chair for your needs.

If it’s difficult for you to get to our showroom and you live in the Oxfordshire/Berkshire area, True Mobility can make arrangements to visit your home for a FREE assessment. This can ensure that a suitable chair can be demonstrated. Please contact our team on Tel. 01235 519777 or
email us at: [email protected] for further help & support.

Please see our short video on one of our showroom chairs, The Celebrity Westbury Rise & Recline Chair

* Priced based on equivalent chairs excluding VAT, HSL Linton dual motor £1560 and Celebrity Westbury dual motor £1095.

For further information please see our Buying Guide For Rise & Recline Chairs.