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We are situated in a large pedestrian market place which provides excellent space for trying out our scooters in safety. All our staff at True Mobility Didcot are trained to demonstrate our full range of mobility scooters. You will be in good hands regardless of whether you are an experienced scooter user or not.

Scooters at True Mobility

What You Get From Us

  • When you choose to buy your mobility scooter from us you get the following added benefits at no extra charge:
    • Clear pricing, No hidden extras
    • Fully functional & already assembled
    • Free home demonstrations
    • Free PDI check prior to delivery
    • Free personal delivery and setup
    • Free 12 months on-site warranty
    • Full on-going service support
    • V.A.T Relief (See Claiming V.A.T Relief Page)
    • Free Registration with 8mph Mobility scooters
    Motability Scooter scheme in didcot

Our scooter prices are shown EXCLUDING VAT. In most cases our customers would not have to pay VAT on mobility scooters because of exemption due to a chronic illness or disability. This would normally be determined at time of purchase and a signature would be required. If you are in doubt or need further information please concact HMRC Revenue and Customs directly.
Class of scooter
Remember, Class 2 (4mph) and travel scooters are able to travel on the pavement. They are often allowed in larger shops and stores although this is at the discretion of the store owners. In our experience, most larger supermarkets are happy to let mobility scooters up and down the isles.
Class 3 (8mph) scooters are also allowed on the pavements provided the speed is restricted to 4mph by means of a separate speed switch. All our class 3 scooters have this switch. In general, most larger shops and supermarkets are happy to allow larger mobility scooters inside, subject to the same conditions.
Leading Manufacturers
We only supply mobility scooters from leading manufacturers such as Kymco, Pride Mobility Products Ltd, Days Healthcare, Electric Mobility, Roma Medical, Shoprider, TGA and Drive Medical. By only dealing with major manufacturers we can ensure quality aftercare service and a consistent supply of spare parts over the lifetime of the scooter.
Scooter Basics
You don’t need to have a driving license to use/own a mobility scooter. However, you must be responsible when driving and you have an obligation to the general public to drive the scooter safely and sensibly, even if you only drive it on the pavements. For this reason, users with visual, perceptual or learning difficulties should seek medical advice before considering purchasing a scooter.
Class 2 Scooters – Travel Scooters max. 4mph speed – can be used on footpaths and pavements and can use pedestrian and zebra crossings to cross the road.
Class 3 Scooters – Scooters with a 8mph max. speed – for use on the highway but NOT on motorways, cycle lanes, bus lanes.

For further information on Scooters please see our Scooter Buying Guide.