4mph Scooters

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Motability Scheme

Unlike a travel scooter, standard 4mph scooters are not designed to be taken apart regularly. However, they generally offer more comfort and capability that the smaller travel mobility scooter.

For full size pavement mobility scooters consider the RMA Sorrento Scooter or the Invacare Leo Scooter. Medium size pavement Mobility Scooters are ideal for every day use and are great for someone who wants the independence to get about under their own steam. They are generally far more robust and comfortable than portable lightweight mobility scooters and offer a greater range.

How to choose a mobility Scooter

There are a large number of Mobility Scooters, manufacturers and suppliers you can choose from, but the decision you make will depend upon which features and benefits suit you, the environment you live in and the terrain you wish to cover on your scooter.

The models offered come in many sizes and styles with different features and benefits. In general, 3 wheel scooters offer the greatest manouevrability but when turning sharply, especially at speed, they may not be as stable. Most reports we hear of people falling off a scooter involve 3 wheel scooters usually turning on an incline or slope.

A smaller scooter offers easy manoeuvrability and portability but often has smaller wheels which will not easily climb kerbs or cover rough ground. Please be aware that with any scooter the mounting and dismounting of kerbs can be very uncomfortable. Wherever possible we recommend you find a suitable dropped kerb but please don’t overlook this aspect. On a smaller scooter, you have small batteries which can restrict range but are often better suited for indoor use and ease of dismantling and transportation.

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