Batteries & Chargers

Batteries & Chargers

Here are some common questions asked on mobility scooter & powerchair battery care.


What’s the best way to charge my mobility scooter battery?  

1. Place your mobility scooter in area that is dry and well ventilated and make sure that there is a power point nearby.

2. Switch your mobility scooter off and remove the key whilst charging.

3. Turn off the mains switch. Never connect or disconnect the charger with the mains on.

4. Make sure the pins are lined up when connecting the charger plug to the scooters charging socket. They should connect easily – don’t try and force them.

5. After charging: Switch off the mains and remove the battery connector when fully charged. Don’t leave the charger plugged in with the power off as this will discharge your battery.


How often and how long should I charge my battery for?

Charge your scooter  or powerchair overnight ( 8-12 hours – depending on model) the day before you wish to use it. If you are using it daily, put the vehicle back on charge even if you have only travelled a short distance. When unused you should still recharge your batteries at least every 2-3 weeks to keep them in the best condition.

If you don’t intend to use your vehicle for longer periods of time ( i.e. 3 months or more) you should charge the batteries fully, then remove the batteries from the vehicle and store them in a dry area. Never remove them unless they are fully charged. When you return them to your scooter or powerchair, top them up before use. Remember- don’t charge your scooter or powerchair in the open because it may rain and the battery charger is not waterproof.


When will I know to charge my scooter or powerchair?

Consider replacing the batteries when you notice that they no-longer perform as you would wish. For some, this maybe after 12 months of regular use, for others it maybe several years.


Will the weather make a difference to my scooter or powerchair battery life?

Using your scooter or powerchair in the winter will impact the battery life, bear this in mind before you set off on a journey. Your range maybe decreased. Make sure your batteries are fully charged before you set off.


Does what I carry on my scooter or powerchair impact the battery?

Yes- it is always a good idea to carry only essential items with you on your scooter or powerchair. The more weight you add to your scooter or powerchair the more battery will be used and the sooner they will need charging. Most mobility scooter and powerchair users will carry a scooter bag safely on the

 back of the seat where items can be stored safely and securely.