Buying Guide For Walking Aids

There are a wide range of different types of frame to choose from each seeking to address different needs. Walking frames are generally intended to provide support and reassurance when making journeys outside. They can be an effective replacement for walking sticks as they provide support to both arms.

They can be and often are used indoors but this is generally restricted due to the size of most domestic doorways. There are generally are a few different types of walking frame that come with and without wheels.

Walking Aids

Tri Wheel Walkers

Tri wheel walkers have a swiveling front wheel and two fixed rear wheels – one on each corner. The frame has handle bars for you to hold and to use to push the frame forwards as you walk. As the frame is completely wheeled, there is no need to lift any part of the frame to move forwards – you just need to push. Virtually all tri wheel walkers can be folded for transport or storage. Whilst the folding   mechanism can differ by model, it is normally operated by releasing a locking mechanism near the front of the frame.This allows the handle bars and the rear wheels to be closed together significantly reducing the width of the frame. This can be very useful where, for example, you want to be able to go on the bus or need to be able to put the frame in the boot of a car. 

Four Wheel Walkers or Rollators 

These differ from the tri wheel walkers in that they have 4 wheels. Generally the 2 front castors will swivel to enable the frame to turn, whilst the rear 2 are fixed for stability. Four wheel walkers usually incorporate a seat between the handle bars which can be extremely useful if you need to rest during your journey. Four wheel walkers tend to be wider and less manoeuvrable than tri wheel walkers but provide greater stability and are less likely to tip over.

Wheeled Trolleys With Brakes

These wheeled trolleys are specifically designed to the standards required to be classed as a walking aid. They have adjustable handles with easily accessible loop lockable hand brakes. The contoured shaped handles are designed to help with arthritic hands. The trays are sided to help with the safe transfer of items.  


Ultra Narrow Walking Frame-1033

Walking Frames

These walking frames come in a wide range of sizes, folding and non-folding to suit the users’ needs and living space. They have non-marking, slip-resistant rubber tips for added safety.They are height adjustable and are a very supportive walking aid for those who can only walk a short distance. Many people find these very useful around the home where space is limited or indeed as a transfer aid from either a chair, bed or even as additional support in the bathroom.


Most walking frames come with a bag or a basket but there are additional accessories available to fit certain walking aids if required.