Pillows, Cushions & Wedges

At True Mobility Didcot we offer a range of pillows and cushions to give extra support where needed when seated or laying down. Some of our cushions are designed to help with pressure relief and are made with superior quality memory foam. If there is something specific you would like to see in our store or for any other general enquiries, please contact us on:
Tel. 01235 519777 or email us on [email protected] 
We stock:
Wheelchair Cushions – Pressure Cushions – Wedge Cushions – Office Chair Cushions – Armchair Cushions – Backfriend Supports – Harley Cushions – Lower Back Cushions – Lumbar Rolls Travel Cushions – Sports Seat Travel Cushions – Knee Cushions – Hip Pads – Neck Cushions – U shaped Travel Pillows – Gel Cushions – Waffle Cushions – Inflatable Cushions – Ring Cushions Bed Sitter Support Cushions – V Shaped Cushions – Bath Pillows – Tempur Traditional Pillows – Tempur Classic Pillows – Tempur Travel Pillows – Harley Pillows – Mattress Toppers – Bed Wedges – Face Pillows – Leg Rests