How We work

True Mobility – We Make Buying A Stairlift Easy.

When you buy a Stairlift from True Mobility, you will receive the best in customer care and aftersales. Our mission is to make the experience easy and as stress -free as possible. 

Our representatives are fully trained in stairlift surveys and will provide the correct information for your chosen stairlift manufacturer.

Step 1 – Home Survey

A survey doesn’t take very long, approximately 10-15mins and can also determine any other issues that may need to be overcome prior to installation eg. removal of a banister or the relocation of a radiator.

Step 2 – Send a Quotation

Once a survey has been carried out True Mobility will return to the store and provide a wriitten quotation for you by post or email.  Your quotation will also include an approx. delivery time and this will be dependant on whether you have chosen a straight stairlift or a curved stairlift (curved stairlifts can take a little longer).

Step 3 – If you’re happy, place your order.

At True Mobility we dont believe in high pressure sales. We want your business but unlike some companies we wont be pestering you for it. If you’re happy to go ahead call us and we will take your order along with a deposit and start the manufacture and installation process.

Step 4 – Installation

When a stairlift is ready for installation, you will be contacted by telephone to arrange at your convenience, a suitable installation date. Once this has been arranged, all you have to do is wait for your stairlift engineer to arrive to fit your stairlift. An installation can be relative quick and once completed, the stairlift engineer will provide you with a final demonstration and offer you the opportunity to try your new stairlift while he is there. (This is to ensure that you are happy and comfortable, and understand how to operate your new stairlift and answer any further questions you may have).

Aftersales Care

Should you encounter any problems or difficulties once you have your stairlift, True Mobility are close at hand to help. We have our own onsite stairlift engineer for help & guidance or repairs. It’s reassuring for many of our stairlift customers to know that they have a local company should they need help after their stairlift has been installed.

Should you need an annual service of your stairlift, True Mobility can also provide this.

 If you would like to discuss or arrange a stairlift survey, and you are based in the Oxfordshire area, please contact our store on Tel. 01235 519777 or email us on [email protected] to arrange. Anyone of our friendly team will be happy to help.