Measuring the Correct Height of a Walkingstick

Our Free Guide to setting the Correct Height of Your Walking stick Most people own or use a walking stick at some stage. There is a huge choice of different walking sticks available be it for casual use or everyday support. At True Mobility we have provided you with a guide and an overview of the different types of walking sticks and we have tried to give you some guidance on how to measure the correct height of stick for you.

It is very important to have the walking stick at the correct height for you otherwise the support from the walking stick will not be appropriate.

The answer to measuring and fitting a walking stick correctly is not determined by how tall a person is but by the distance between your hand and the ground. Recommended by physiotherapists, the following method should give you the correct height of your walking stick.

The walking stick user should stand upright, in the type of shoes they normally wear, with their arms naturally down by their sides. another person should turn the walking stick upside down, so that the handle is resting on the floor. Then the person should position the walking stick next to the user, and measure the distance between wrist bone and the floor – this is the height of stick that you require. You can check the height is correct by turning the stick the correct way up and making sure the top of the handle is in line with the crease in your wrist.    

 When purchasing a height adjustable walking stick, you will need to look for your height within the range of heights quoted for that stick. Most adjustable height walking sticks are adjustable in 1″ increments, so you will need to round your measurements to the nearest 1″ when using the stick.

At TrueMobility we have many types of folding and non-folding adjustable walking stick, together with many handle types and walking stick accessories. Visit our Walking Sticks pages here and see our range of walking sticks and accessories.